Tractor New Holland – something for the ladies

Dear Ladies!

I am addressing you with the request of making your acquaintance. I am tractor New Holland who is longing for the gentle touch of a woman’s hand that would turn the wheel in the right direction and that would help to change the gears. I have a 3.9 litre 95 hp engine with 4-cylinder turbo transmission.

I invite all to a fun joyride conducted by you. In case of a hot weather, you don’t have to worry about overheating as I will stroke your body with a cool breeze from the air conditioning and caress your sense of hearing by playing your favourite music from the CD. See you in Maria Farm!

Your tractor New Holland

Tractor ride for ladies is free of charge if you order any of the packages offered in Maria Farm – rural spa, barbecue package, seminar package etc.

Note! If you want to listen to your favourite music during the joyride, please let us know of your preferences in advance or bring your own CD.

Ask a personal offer here or call us by phone +372 523 6066.