Horseback riding and horseback hike in Estonia

Ratsutamine Maria Talus
Ratsamatkad Maria Talus Pärnumaal

In Maria Farm it is possible to organize horseback riding trainings for both the children and adults.

For skilled riders we offer horseback hikes in the vicinity of the farm. The farm is situated in a naturally beautiful place in Pärnu county. On a horseback hike you will be accompanied by a trained attendant, who leads the riders in the beautiful forests and introduces the local sights.

Horseback hike 50 EUR 1 person 1 hour,
each additional person 25 EUR. Maximum group size 5 persons.

The price includes the services of the attendant.

According to necessity, we can also organize longer or shorter horseback hikes.

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Horseback riding 25 EUR per hour.

Pony or horse walk 25 EUR per hour.

Horse cart and sleigh ride 50 EUR per hour.

Information and booking via phone +372 503 6066 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.