Horseback riding and horseback hike in Estonia

Ratsutamine Maria Talus
Ratsamatkad Maria Talus Pärnumaal

In Maria Farm it is possible to organize horseback riding trainings for both the children and adults. For skilled riders we offer horseback hikes in the vicinity of the farm. The farm is situated in a naturally beautiful place in Pärnu county.

On a horseback hike you will be accompanied by a trained attendant, who leads the riders in the beautiful forests and introduces the local sights.

At Maria Farm it is possible to ride indoors all year round in our riding arena 22 x 48 m.

Horseback hike 60 € / 1 hour for one person, each additional person 30 €

Private training 35 € per hour

Pony or horse walk 35 € per hour

Horse cart and sleigh ride 70 € per hour

Arena use 10 € per hour

Stall use for 1 day when there are free stalls available 15 €

Group training (one training lesson is one academic hour, 45 min) if there are open spots available 25 € (suitable for intermediate level riders)

Group trainings for 1 month:

1 x week 60 €
2 x week 105 €
3 x week 120 € 

: Minimal experience with horses, not yet able to control and steer the horse in walk or trot.

Intermediate: Able to handle horses, independently groom and tack up. Able to independently walk and trot while staying confident on the horse.

Experienced rider: Able to handle, tack up and ride a variety of different horses. Can independently and confidently walk, trot, canter and jump.

Ask a personal offer here or call us by phone +372 523 6066.