Church concerts in Estonia

Dear music lover,

Apart from regular services and other church-related ceremonies, little Kõpu rural church has become considerably well-known as a concert hall. Our church has been a stage for beginner youth bands as well as world famous artists. We can offer the performers a hall with remarkably good acoustics. By introducing the classical music concerts to countryside, we demonstrate the sustainability of the village, once large and highly populated, and introduce the utilization possibilities of small country churches that often tend to deteriorate.
Spiritual atmosphere and enjoyable music guarantee a memorable experience.
See you soon in Kõpu church concerts!

Enn Rand
Dean of the congregation

Year 2011

On the 17th of July the Festival of Beautiful Music, dedicated to the birth anniversary of Bishop Plato, took place for the third time.
Performers: Lithuanian string quartet Ĉiurlionis and Allar Kaasik (cello, Estonia).
The programme included Russian and Western classical music.
GEORG FRIEDRICH HÄNDEL (1685-175) Passacaglia Klavessiinisüidist g-moll, HWV 432 (1720)
LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) 12 variatsiooni Händeli oratooriumi “Juudas Makabeus” teemale G-duur,
WoO 45 (1796)
FRANZ SCHUBERT (1797-1828) Andante con moto Keelpillikvartetist nr 14, d-moll Der Tod und das Mädchen (1824)
PJOTR TŠAIKOVSKI (1840-1893) Andante funebre e doloroso, ma con moto Keelpillikvartetist nr 3 es-moll, op 30 (1876)
ALEKSANDR BORODIN (1833-1887) Nokturn Keelpillikvartetist nr 2 (1881)
VELJO TORMIS (1930) Sinuka laul, seade ja kadents Allar Kaasik
ARVO PÄRT (1935) Summa keelpillikvartetile (1990)
JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH (1685-1750) Aaria Süidist orkestrile nr 2 b-moll, BWV 1067 (1738/39)
PABLO CASALS (1876-1973) Lindude laul tšellole ja keelpillikvartetile


Year 2010

On the 25th of July the Festival of Beautiful Music, dedicated to the birth anniversary of Bishop Plato, took place for the second time.
Performers: Anatoli Zaitchenko (tenor, Moscow Bolshoi Theatre) and Gajane Apetyan (piano, Moscow Bolshoi Theatre).
The programme included Orthodox church music, Russian and Western opera classics, Naples songs.



Year 2009

On the 25th of July the Festival of Beautiful Music took place, which was dedicated to the 140th birth anniversary of Bishop Plato.
Performer: Belarus string quartet Primavera.
The programme included music from the following composers - Bach, Händel, Hayden, Britten ja Tšaikovski.

Valgevene keelpillikvartett Primavera Kõpu kirikus

Year 2007

Advent concert, vocals by chamber choir Flora.
Conductors: Kaie Juurma and Erki Meister.
The repertoire of the choir varies from old classical choir music to modern compositions, including the works of one of the conductors, Erki Meister. Chamber choir Flora often performs in small Estonian country churches.

Kammerkoor Flora Kõpu kirikus
Year 2005
Concert of Aleksandr Vedernikov (basso) and Natalia Gureeva (piano).
The legendary Russian basso Aleksandr Vedernikov belongs to one of the world’s leading bassos. As an interpreter of Russian cleric music, he is considered one of the best in the world. Already as a student in Moscow Conservatory, he attracted attention as an idiosyncratic, exquisite, nuance rich, engrossed and high-quality artist.
Throughout his life, Aleksandr Vedernikov has been involved with the Bolshoi Theatre, being the leading soloist of the theatre. He has represented Russian art of singing all over the world, sung at the most dignified stages and deserved the overall approval of the world’s leading music press.
Natalia Gureeva is a rewarded artist of Russia, a piano professor in Moscow Conservatory and a long-time concertmaster and life partner of Aleksandr Vedernikov.
Aleksander Vedernikov ja Natalia Gureeva Kõpu kirikus
Kilkenny Youth Choir and Chamber Orchestra form Ireland performed in David Oistrakh Festival.
Art director: Philip Edmondson.D
The programme included music from the following composers - Bach, Rheinberger, Tšaikovski, Mozart etc.
Kilkenny noortekoor Iirimaalt Kõpu Kirikus

Year 2004

A camp and common concert of stringed instrument groups from Pärnu and Loimaa (Finland) music schools.

Eesti ja Soome muusikakoolide õpilased Kõpu kirikus

Year 2003

A common concert of the boys' choir of Pärnu House of Arts and the childrens’ choir of Jalasjärvi, Finland.

Pärnu Kunstidemaja poistekoor Kõpu kirikus

A concert of two tenors — Russian and Belorussian national artist, Professor Aleksandr Dedik and the laureate of international competitions, the soloist of Kazan Tatarstan National Opera, Nurlan Bek.
Accompanied on piano by Piia Paemurru.
A distinguished and rare composition of performers - two very notable Russian tenors perform in the same concert. Nurlan Bek represents the new generation of Russian tenors from Moscow and Aleksandr Dedik stands for the once famous generation of the singers of Saint Petersburg.

Kahe tenori kontsert Kõpu kirikus

A concert of the Chamber Orchestra of Keski-Pohjanmaa (Finland) in David Oistrakh Festival.
Conductor: Juha Kangas. The programme included various compositions from Mozart to Eller.

A concert of the world famous quartet, the Balalaikas of Moscow, soloists Vladimir Gertz (Moscow Bolshoi Theatre), Urve Tauts, Toomas Kuter, Jaak Jõekallas.


Piiskop Platoni 141 sünniaastapäevale pühendatud ilusa muusika festival toimub 25. juulil kell 16.00

Teile esinevad

ANATOLI ZAITCHENKO (tenor, Moskva Suur Teater)

GAJANE APETYAN (klaver, Moskva Suur Teater)

Kavas õigeusu kiriku muusika, vene- ja lääne ooperiklassika, napoli laulud.

Heliloojad P.Tšaikovski, S. Rahmaninov, R. Wagner, G. Verdi, G. Puccini jt.

Korraldaja: MTÜ Kõpu Arenduskeskus. Kunstiline juht hr. Toomas Kuter. Festival on tasuta.

Kiriku pargi ja ümbruse korrastamiseks saab teha annetusi MTÜ Kõpu Arenduskeskus arvele nr 334704160006.

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