Kõpu Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity

Preester Enos Heinsoo

Kõpu Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity was built in 1873 but the congregation was established already in 1847 before the building of the church. The project of architect G. Schell completed in 1871 was the basis for the construction of Kõpu Church on the basis of which several other orthodox churches have also been built (Uruste church in Pärnu County, Ööriku and Leisi church in Saaremaa etc).

Kõpu church is a big imposing building with a rectangular basic plan which is rather exceptional in Pärnu County in terms of its architectural concept, namely there is no bell tower above the main entrance into the house of God. The people coming into the church are welcomed by the cross on the top of the gable roof with a small inclination. Kõpu church has been built of rubble stones and has been partly plastered. Corner lesenes, wide cornice under the roof and window and door frames have been covered with plaster. All of the previous render a baroque air to the building. The powerful domes of the church have been built in the same style. In the church there is a memorial tablet for the first bishop of Estonian Orthodox Church Platon (Paul Kulbusch) who was born in Kõpu. The congregation is still active nowadays.

The priests of the congregation throughout the times:

Joann Mutovozov 28.05.1848 - 31.08.1850
Joann Mutovozov 04.11.1850 - 08.10.1853
Dimitri Menz`ikov 08.10.1853 - 20.01.1856
Vassili Zadvinski 20.01.1856 - 08.10.1858
Andrei Soome 22.10.1858 - 10.12.1863
Stefan Zverev 21.11.1863 - 01.09.1870
Pavel Verhoustinski 21.04.1871 - 16.09.1892
Joann Sepp 25.10.1892 - 01.06.1893
Kapiton Lebedev 22.06.1893 - 21.02.1900
Al-der Paklär 1900 - 02.12.1904
Al-der Leets 01.01.1905 - 30.05.1914
Karp Eberling 19.07.1914 - 1917
Teodor Troitski 01.01.1917 - 15.12.1930
Mihail Pops 07.01.1931 - 05.1931
Mihail Raab 30.05.1931 - 06.12.1932
Joann Allik 24.12.1932 - 1933
Mihail Tapp 23.05.1933 - 07.02.1935
Peeter Vainola 07.02.1935 - 15.05.1936
Joann Kraav 15.05.1936 - 15.10.1936
Pavel Sokolov 15.10.1936 - 01.04.1940
Nikolai Laiuste 02.04.1940 - 1941
Ilja Adamov 22.10.1941 - 1942
Al-der Uudelepp 19.05.1942 - 24.12.1957
Feliks Remberg 24.12.1957 - 19.04.1961
Vassili Väinloo 26.11.1962 - 20.12.1966
Nikolai Bez`anitski 20.12.1966 - 03.12.1989
Ardalion Keskküla 1999 - 2007
Enos Heinsoo 2007

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