Rural spa treatments - whisking, massage

In rural spa saunas it is possible to enjoy different spa treatments or take part in sauna therapy.


One of the most important parts in sauna procedures is whisking. Birch, oak and juniper sauna whisks are the most common. In addition to the traditional whisks, sauna whisks can be made nearly of all herbs, bushes and trees found in the nature. They all have their task in the whisking process and that is why one needs to be familiar with their characteristics as the elixir and energy in them affect the person.

Birch whisk - 6 €
Birch is a good-natured tree and it is considered to be the tree of life. Birch is gentle and compassionate but also has a strong effect. The energy of birch is vital, pleasant and its smell is enchanting. Whisking with a birch whisk helps to relax and restore one’s energy.

Oak whisk - 10 €
Oak is one of the strongest trees in terms of the energy of the universe. Oak is the tree of God and therefore it is considered to be a sacred tree. Oak is the tree of longevity and vital force, its aura is healing. Oak whisks are above all suitable for healthy people. Whisking with an oak whisk may cause depression for a strained person.


  • Classical massage 90 min 70 €, 60 min 50 €
  • Aroma massage 60 min 60 €
  • Lymphatic massage 60 min 60 €


The ladies of Maria Farm mix different rural spa masks for you which you can take into the sauna and try them out for yourselves.

Honey mask
Honey can be applied onto your face as well as the entire body. Honey masks are recommended at the end of the sauna after the last whisking. Apply honey onto your skin in the front room of the sauna as you shall sweat in the hot steam room and honey does not absorb but runs off. After that we recommend you to go to the steam room once again in order to warm up and finish the procedure with a lukewarm shower. Regular honey massage for the entire body relaxes stiff and painful joints, relieves stress and sleeping disorders, renews the skin and makes it soft.

Honey mask for the face
Includes honey, egg yolk and olive oil. The mask can be applied after the last session on the sauna bench as it is perfect for dry skin instead of a cream. The mask can be removed by washing first with warm and thereafter cold water.

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